The Journey to Inner Wisdom

I love the challenge of a new climb; the beginning of a new journey.

I got in my car today with the intention of connecting with God through the sights, sounds and smells of this fresh winter blanket of snow. I was longing to explore my inner self in search of deeper meaning, new wisdom and more answers. After going back and forth, it becomes clear to me that I am to travel a new path today; a trail I’ve never been to. And I love the challenge. I love the excitement I feel in seeing something new for the first time. A fresh snow, a new trail, a new sight. It’s like God painted this picture just for me today.

After making my decision, I get into my car and drive to my destination. I pull into the parking area. It’s empty. Fear begins to creep in and I ask myself…Should I be here alone; all by myself? I hear my loved ones in my head telling me it’s dangerous, begging me not to go out there alone. But something inside of me pulls me deeper into the unknown; I want to see more. I want to explore.

I step out of my Jeep and put on my gear, take out my GPS and head out to the trail. There’s that fear again and I begin to question myself once more.

Will this trail be marked or will it be covered with new snow? Will I find my way or will I get lost? Will I get attacked by a wild animal or worse, a human?

I keep walking towards the woods.

As I continue to move forward I see a tall, slender, old woman in the trail walking toward me. The sun is glimmering over her and the reflection from the snow is like diamonds around her face. She is beautiful! I say hello and she smiles and says hi. She has to be at least 80 years old. I tell her it’s my first time and she tells me how much I’m going to enjoy the trail. We say goodbye and continue on our separate ways.

As I begin my journey to the top, I now have a clear path. This woman’s footprints guide my steps and I can see so clear where I need to go. The fear is gone and I say to myself, “If that 80 year old woman can do this alone, then so can I.” It is then that I realize…

The journey I am on is life.

The search is for wisdom.

The fear is the unknown.

And the answer….

It’s the peace and freedom in knowing that I am never alone.

I don’t know where that woman came from as there are no other cars in the parking lot this morning. And there is nothing for miles down the road. I don’t know where she is going as when I turned to look for her, she was gone. What I do know is that she was my reminder today that I do not ever have to be afraid because I am never alone.

Fear nothing.

Embrace the journey.

Grow in wisdom.

You are never alone.

Joshua 1:9

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”


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