Pressing the Reset Button Now

From the minute I pulled into the parking lot, I could feel you near. I can hear your voice and I can feel your embrace. It’s like it’s just me and you this weekend; like I am your only focus. Being present, connecting with your Spirit in such a deep and powerful way. The silence and the beauty make it easy to hear you, feel you and see you; they make it easy to know you are here. No hair, no make up, no need to look or be a certain way. I am free to just be. My only goal these next 48 hours is to be with you. I embrace it fully. And in turn, I feel a sense of love, peace and safety that I cannot feel outside of here. I watch and listen as you go deeper into the depths of my soul, restoring me to the core. Change me. Heal me. Renew my spirit. I am yours and you are mine.


#takingtimetobreathe #reset #weekendwithgod


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